20 August 2021

Compline for Friday August 20th

 Good evening.

You may find this service of Compline, led by Deacon Sheila Plant,

 by clicking on the link or photo below.



GoFundMe Campaign for the most vulnerable

There are people from all over the world viewing our prayer services. There are several communities around the world who are so much more greatly suffering because of the Coronavirus. If you would like to help me provide some funds for food and medicines - particularly for some communities in Pakistan, India and Latin America, please donate here on GoFundMe. Funds will be sent directly to community leaders to purchase food and medical supplies. These funds haven't seen any donations in a long time, but the needs are still there and are many. If you are able, I would encourage you to give. Please note that because this is going overseas and I don't have a formal agreement with the Federal Government, we can't give tax receipts for donations going to this GoFundMe campaign. Sorry, but it is a really worthy cause in any case.

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